We guide you through the Ontario Small Claims Court process step-by-step.

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    The Small Claims Court is a difficult and stressful process with and without a lawyer. Are you one of the thousands of Ontarians self-representing themselves in Small Claims Court? If so, we can help.


    We are building a platform that will facilitate and simplify the access to the Small Claims court from start to finish. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools and resources to succeed as a self-represented litigant. If you need legal advice we can also connect you to our affordable lawyers.

  • The Small Claims Wizard is...


    We guide you through the Small Claims process each step of the way.


    Our software provides you with the information you need to succeed in Small Claims Court.


    If your claim is complicated and you need direct assistance from an affordable lawyer, we can help.

  • Step-by-Step Interview

    Our step-by-step interview easily guides you through the Small Claims process. Our commentary provides useful insights that are specific to your claim.

  • Easily Fill Out Forms

    If you've been served as a defendant, you have now twenty days to complete your response. Don't lose any more time and find all the required documents in one place, ready to be filled, download, and sent.

  • Scan and Manage Documents

    Different types of claims require different types of evidence. We can help you understand what's important for your claim, and provide you with convenient document management tools.

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